Airfob Patch

Mobile-to-RF-card converter

Suprema Airfob Patch is a device that attaches itself easily to existing RF card readers to make them compatible with credentials stored in mobile device. It translates BLE signals into RF signals and enables communication between mobile device and RF card readers.


Translates BLE to RF signal

Suprema Airfob Patch enables communication between card readers and Mobile Access Cards by translating Bluetooth signals to RF card signal. Suprema Airfob Patch is compatible with both Android and iOS Mobile Access Cards.

Charge without battery

Suprema Airfob Patch works without battery, harvesting energy from RF field signals transmitted from the card reader.

Easily used in places where RF card is used

Suprema Airfob Patch is an adhesive-backed, patch-on device easily applicable to everywhere RF card is used. It is easy to install, requiring no wiring or construction.
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Speed gate
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Copier access
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