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Three Reasons Why Businesses Install Fingerprint Readers

These case studies perfectly illustrate why fingerprint readers make up 60% of the biometrics market

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Blogs & Articles January 19, 2022

How to successfully manage work time and attendance schedules

Blogs & Articles June 10, 2021

Bringing Down Walls in a Corporate World Using Access Control

Today, more and more businesses are foregoing the traditional design setup of cubicles and closed-off offices for an open floor plan. Companies like Facebook and Google market their open-office floor plans to potential employees, touting that the design allows workers to work closely together and foster a culture of collaboration. Plus, this trend is here to stay: according to the International Management Facility Association, 70 percent of American employees now work in open-office environments.



Suprema Connect is an online virtual event featuring Suprema contactless solutions with a new product showcase and live sessions for discussions on highlighted products and VODs of Suprema experts' perspectives.

Customer Stories

[Japan] Nomura Real Estate Development

Nomura Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. As one of the largest real estate providers in Japan, Nomura Real Estate Development specializes in real estate services such as condominium sales, detached house sales, investment and development, building leases, architectural design, asset management, etc. After discovering the market need for shared office space, they launched a rental office service named H¹O (Human First Office), which has been highly successful.


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