Mobile Credential

More convenience. More security

Solution overview

If we can store user information and credentials in the smartphone that we use all the time in our daily lives instead of the plastic card that can be easily lost, it is possible to pursue security and convenience at the same time. Suprema's BioStar 2 mobile card can be issued directly from BioStar 2 without using other portal service. In addition, it provides a unified user experience since we use BioStar 2 Mobile app that can directly control BioStar 2 features or log monitoring system.

Solution features

A single system for all

BioStar 2 mobile card does not require a separate portal service. The administrator can issue a mobile card instantly from BioStar 2 or BioStar 2 Mobile app and the user can instantly use the mobile card he or she has received just by registering it in the BioStar 2 Mobile app. The process of collecting issued cards is also not difficult.

Secure your information
BioStar 2 mobile card is able to store even biometric information as well as general information and access rights of user on smartphones. It is safe because all information is stored on smartphones without storing user information on access control device. In addition, no information on the smartphone is stored on BioStar 2 or access control device.

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