10 Business Benefits of Automated
Time and Attendance Services

Increase productivity and reduce costs by automating time and attendance management

July 26, 2022

Most businesses start off by managing time schedules for their employees manually. Workers sign in and out each day and the HR team logs the hours in a database which is used to track employee payment.

This system works well enough at first — until it doesn’t. Inevitably, there will be times when employees are paid incorrectly, miss shifts or even show up for work when they’re not supposed to because of mistakes and misunderstandings with the schedule.

fingerprint readers have lower long-term costs

We’re all human, we all make mistakes, and HR managers are no different. In fact, a 2016 research article by Safety Wise Solutions suggests that humans make between 3-6 errors per hour and an average of 50 errors per day, no matter what activity or task they’re doing. In addition, a 2008 study at the University of Hawaii found that when manually entering data into simple spreadsheets, the probability of human error was between 18 and 40 percent.

Depending on the kind of business, time and attendance scheduling mistakes can create a variety of problems, ranging from financial loss, a demoralized workforce and staff retention problems to serious safety and security concerns. In fact, some workplaces such as hospitals, fire stations, etc. may even risk life and death situations if they let their time and attendance monitoring slide.

How Automated Time and Attendance Services Can Help

By adopting a digital time and attendance module, businesses can mitigate all of the above problems, and more. Modern technology is capable of avoiding human error and streamlining processes, greatly increasing convenience for general employees, HR managers and business owners alike. Automating time and attendance management is therefore a must-have solution for modern businesses in all industries and of any size.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that businesses can benefit from using an automated time and attendance module:

Increased data accuracy and reduced frequency of human error

One of the greatest business benefits that a time and attendance module can offer is higher accuracy of information. Attendance logs can be trusted to be correct, making payroll and taxation procedures easier and more straightforward.

fingerprint readers are user friendly
fingerprint readers are user friendly

02Reduced costs

When manually recorded bookkeeping becomes ridden with errors, a business may have to hire additional accountants to fix the mistakes, unnecessarily increasing business costs.
By automating time and attendance management, bookkeeping costs are reduced.

03Employees get paid in full and on time

A paid employee is a happy employee. A time and attendance module helps ensure that employees are never underpaid or overpaid. It also makes it easy to calculate overtime or dock pay when necessary.

04Automated employee scheduling

fingerprint readers are user friendly
fingerprint readers are user friendly

Accuracy of work schedules not only ensures employees arrive at work on time, but also leads to better scheduling across departments. This ultimately leads to fewer schedule alterations when the company is busy, saving on payroll costs.

05Identification of attendance issues and reduced absenteeism

Employees can’t show up for work if they don’t know their schedules. Likewise, employers need to keep track of scheduled time off. With a time and attendance module, managers can also easily monitor workers signing in and out, making it easy to spot attendance issues.

06Easier for employees to schedule time off

The entire vacation and paid leave process can be greatly simplified with a centralized system where employees can log in and request time off. Employees are more likely to get their preferred dates, while managers get advance notice and can easily monitor absences.

fingerprint readers are user friendly
fingerprint readers are user friendly

07Increased productivity

Time and attendance modules can increase productivity for everyone. Employees can clock in instantly from anywhere and time is no longer wasted on payroll and attendance issues. Some systems can even identify when time is being used inefficiently on specific tasks, allowing managers to reassign roles where necessary.

08Improved Employee Morale

Worker absenteeism can lead to others feeling they are being treated unfairly, which greatly affects employee morale. When attendance issues are kept under control, the workers feel they are part of a team, leading to a more positive outlook toward the company.

09Environmental friendliness

No more wasted paper or shredding machine costs — a time and attendance module does away with time sheets and punch cards. As the system is cloud-based, it helps keep a business organized, making overflowing file cabinets a thing of the past.

fingerprint readers are user friendly

10Improved legal compliance processes

As time and attendance module records are highly accurate, reports can easily be run whenever necessary. This helps businesses stay compliant with local, state and national labor regulations, and assists with any internal and external audits.

Ultimately, there are so many benefits of using an automated time and attendance module that it simply cannot be overlooked. Businesses must rethink their time management strategies if they expect to remain competitive in the modern market.

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