BioStar 2 TA

BioStar 2 TA is a time and attendance module that serves as an add-on for the BioStar 2 platform. The BioStar 2 TA module provides comprehensive time and attendance functionalities to BioStar 2. Combined with features such as multiple shift types and overtime rule, BioStar 2 TA simplifies complicated time and attendance management by offering flexibility for diverse applications.


The most accurate time and attendance system based on biometrics

  • Prevent buddy punching and anti-spoofing.

  • Highly reliable with a false acceptance rate (FAR) of less than 0.00001 % (based on fingerprint authentication).

  • Sensors and algorithms can detect fake fingerprints/faces.

management of work

  • Set time codes for calculating payrolls, regular worktime, overtime, vacation, leave, and more.

  • Manage full day off, half-day off, leaving work early and outdoor duty schedules.

  • Manage break times and meal times with automatic rules set for deduction.

  • Simple overtime setting.

Easy Management of Work Schedule

  • Manage schedules on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

  • Provide the individual or user group work schedules.

Settings for
Different Shifts

  • Fixed, flexible and floating work settings.

  • Flexible work, shift work, and more.

  • Floating shift for dynamic shift allocation

Individual T&A reports and calendar view

  • Provides seven preset T&A reports.

  • Provides user-configurable time attendance report filters.

  • Supports exporting reports to PDF and CSV.

Easy integration with HR/ERP system

System integration to enable the HR management and T&A management in one system.


BioStar 2 TA is based on a combination of elements such as time codes, shifts, schedules, schedule templates and overtime rules. The time card and report feature can be used to edit or export individual time and attendance records for user’s convenience.
BioStar 2 TA configuration


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